How to Change Yahoo Password

Changing password is an easy and simple work if you think that someone else is using your account or know our account password then changing password is a good idea or in case you not have changed your password from a long time then it’s good to change it now to secure your account information.

To change your account password simply login in to your account and you can simply change your password from the account settings page. In case you forgot your password, then you can recover it using your mobile phone number or recovery email address.


Change your password

  • First of all go to the Yahoo Account Info page.
  • Ten click on the Menu icon Image in the menu bar.
  • Now tap to account Security.
  • After this tap on change password.
  • Type and confirm your new password.
  • Tap to Continue.
  • Tap continue to finish.

Reset a forgotten password

In order to use the Sign-in Helper to change your password in yahoo follow the steps to regain access to your account. You can use your recovery mail or phone number to get back access to your account.

For account security, use any one of the recovery methods to regain access to your account.

Use phone number and alternate email address to change and recover password:

  • First go to the Sign-in Helper.
  • Type your phone number or email address which you have connected with your account.
  • Tap to Continue.
  • Now type the CAPTCHA code.
  • A dialogue box appears showing that you will get a code on your recovery mail or phone number. Tap to yes, text to receive account Key.
  • Type the Account Key code which you get in your mail and then click to Verify.
  • Choose an account which you want to reset from the list connected to your mobile number or email address.
  • Tap to continue.

Use security questions:

  • You may be asked about your Full name and last names.
  • You may be asked to type older passwords with which you’ve signed in your yahoo account last time.
  • Confirmation about the list of contacts you have saved in your address book.
  • In case your yahoo is connected with your Facebook account then you may be asked to login in to your Facebook account to verify your authentication.

As these steps are helpful in changing the password of yahoo account, but in case you face any sort of difficulty in changing the password then you can simply dial a Yahoo mail toll free customer support number and get instant help from experts instantly. You can also can get connected to a third party tech support company and get instant help from the experts.

You can also get more info about the different-different ways to recover yahoo mail account password guide with simple steps.

How to send and receive pictures in Gmail

If you are new to Gmail account and don’t know how to attach or send pictures in Gmail account, then you don’t need to get worried at all. Gmail users can not only save a picture in Gmail directly but also can receive pictures in an easy manner. For this, you need to follow these steps for receiving or sending pictures in Gmail.

Follow the below-mentioned steps for sending or receiving pictures.

How to send pictures in Gmail?

  • First of all, log in to your Gmail account and hit the ‘Settings’ button.
  • Hit ‘Settings’ and then click the ‘Labs’ tab.
  • You need to scroll down to ‘Inserting Images’ and hit the radio button.
  • Just click ‘Save Changes’ and then hit the ‘Compose’ button.
  • Simply type the email recipient name as well as a descriptive title in the Subject part.
  • Hit the ‘Insert Image’ button and click the ‘Web address (URL)’ or ‘My Computer’ radio button.
  • Hit ‘Rich formatting’ in case you don’t see the Insert Image button.
  • Click ‘Choose File’ and choose the photo on your computer system.
  • Finally, enter the image URL in the space offered if you are using Web Address option.

How to receive pictures in Gmail?

 At the initial stage, you need to open the e-mail with the preferred picture.

  • Many images types are shown in the message.
  • Lastly, hit the view or download link for viewing the image.

By implementing the above-mentioned steps, you can certainly get the perfect help for receiving or sending emails in Gmail.

So to get hassle-free Contact helpline Gmail customer support services, you need to quickly avail the tech support from a third party tech support company. The company’s main motive is to make its customers happy by offering reasonable tech support assistance.

Improve Gmail New Look

Make your Gmail looks more impressive with the all new features that have been launched by Gmail. With the options of customizing the themes you can give a new dimension and look to your interface. Also the change in fonts and colors can enhanced the look of the Gmail account altogether. If you do not know how to do this, then you can simply take gmail customer support expert help. They will help you to understand the new features as well as also provide you with tips ensuring that you remain up to date with the new impressive features that will be launch by the company in future.

How to edit custom theme in Gmail

Bored with you old boring Gmail interface? Want to give it a dynamic look? Well, then change the theme, colors and fonts in minutes. In order to change the theme, you need to tap on the settings and then choose the option Themes. You will get hundreds of options to choose from. There is even an option of loading extra images from your system. If you are not able to change the theme on your own, then you can easily call us and take help of the experts who are always available to provide you with the required service.

How to delete chat conversation in Google hangouts?

Google Hangout is an interesting application which can be used by users from across the globe to chat with their contacts. Users can access the services by connecting their Gmail account to the Hangout App. Now, in case of deleting any chat conversation in Google Hangout, users need to first initiate the App, and login using their Gmail account credentials. Once logged in to the account, users need to first select the chat conversation to be deleted and then click on the trash option which is displayed on the top right of the screen. The selected chat conversation would be deleted permanently.

Steps delete chat conversation in Google hangouts?

1. Open hang and same process in

google chat hangouts

2. Search name and select the person name from the hangouts now open conversation

Delete chat conversation in hangouts

3. Click Gear button at the top of right side in chat conversation

Hangouts Gear Button

4. Now Select Delete Hangouts button

select delete button in hangouts

5.  Click on Delete now your all chat conversations in remove permanently

delete button remove chat in hangouts

Hope you will get full tutorial of delete permanently chat conversation. If you are not able then you can try our toll free number 1-800-709-6732 for speak gmail tech support team we will provide you instant and personal support.

How to send invitation to chat in Google Hangouts

If you want to send an invitation to someone you want to add to Google Hangouts, you just need to go to the left hand side of your mailbox and on the top of the chatting is you will find a box. Here you will have to type the Gmail address of the person who you want to invite to Google hangout. When you do so unless will appear on the right hand side in which there will be an option – invite to chat. You will have to click on this option and an invite will be sent to your contact in Google hangout. When the person accepts your chat request you will be able to communicate with them through Google hangout. To know more get in touch with Gmail tech support team.

Learn more step by step :- How to inviting some to chat

If you are using gmail account on computer

  1. Login

2.Find search box at the left side top of the chat area

3. Type your friend name

google hangouts type name

4. In case they are already in your contact list then you can direct chat

5. Then Click on Friend name and send to invite and start to chat

invite to hangounts

If your friend invitation is accepted and you can also check your all friend status on left side of their in your chat list this is indicates button they are available on chat, offline, idle etc.

  • Green Button is :- Available
  • Red Button is :- Busy
  • Yellow Button is :- Idle
  • Gray Button is :- Offline

How to Block the person in contact list on Hangouts

  1. open and
  2. Search name of the person
  3. Click on person from hangout contact list
  4. Click settings button top of the right chat conversationBlock contact in hangout




5. Now Click on Block User

6. Click Block

How to Unblock in your hangout contact list

  1. Open and
  2. Click on Settings button
  • In :- At the top of left Click Menu then Settings
  • In Click on your name in hangout list

Unblock contact

3. Now select the block people

4.Click Unblock name of the person

I hope you will get full tutorial like how to invite chat someone, how to block and unblock person

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How to change country in Gmail account

Changing location settings are quite simple for users in Gmail account. In fact in most of the cases, the change of location is automated wherein Gmail automatically picks up the location of the user based on the GPS movements. However, there are cases wherein users seek to have certain customizations made to their location settings wherein they need to first login to their system and then browse to the settings link on the top right of the screen. In the settings page, users need to browse to the location settings wherein they have the option to change their country, which would then reflect in their Gmail account.

Steps are :- 

  • Open your browser open
  •  Enter username & password then Click on Sign In Button
  • Top of the right click on settings button
  • Gmail settings button
  • Select your country language whatever you want
  • Then move your mouse on the bottom and click on Save Changes button.

Now you can use gmail account in own language, i hope you will get full tutorial of change country language.

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You can also try to contact Gmail technical team for full email support. Then dial third party Gmail toll free number 1-800-886-9175 for instant help by phone call.