Can I access my Cash App account by merging it to a new account?

Cash apps are an important part of most youngsters in the united countries. We can use this application to send and receive online payments in seconds. So, people get disturbed when they are unable to access the Cash app account. Also, sometimes we lose our Cash app account because we forgot the password of the old account. After that, we create a new account with a new number because we don’t know the process to access old Cash app accounts. Else some of us check for troubleshooting tips on how to access my Cash app account? But we can easily access our old account by merging it to a new account of the same number. Follow the below process to access your old account.

  • First, create a new account with the same old details you were using previously. You can use your email address, phone number, or anyone of these to create the account.
  • Secondly, activate the Cash app card on the same account.
  • Thirdly, add the old bank account details on the new Cash app account.

After performing the above steps, we are ready to merge both accounts.

  • Now go to the profile menu in the application and locate for the Cash support option. It should be available in the fourth position from the below.
  • Click on the “Cash support” option and then click on “Can’t Access my Old Account” option to submit a request to access my Cash app account.
  • After submitting the request, you will get a call from the Cash app team. They will ask you for information related to both new and old accounts.
  • They can ask for the last digits of your bank account number, card number, and social security number.
  • If you provide the information correctly then you will get access to the Cash app account.

Why should we need to merge an old Cash app account to a new one?

There can be multiple reasons due to which we choose to combine our old account to get access. But the most important of them all is the stuck amount. When our old Cash app account locked unknowingly it had balance in it. Hence, we look for a way to get that money.

Apart from this, another reason is the transaction history. Transaction history is the record of payments you made on a Cash app. This helps regular Cash app users to track their expenses and payments. Additionally, you can get this sorted by asking for the transaction record of up to the last 1 year.

If I ever can’t access my Cash app account then I would prefer to recover my account with the above steps. Moreover, the Cash app support team is just a call away to sort out further issues.

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