What are the steps to Change Theme & Background Picture in Gmail Account?

Google Mail provides users with the option of customizing their account by changing the themes and background images of their Gmail account. In such cases, users can choose to keep their settings and customizations limited to the system which they are using, or opt to make it global by saving it in the server. This is done by setting the appropriate protocol – POP or IMAP – in their Gmail account which decides the fact whether the changes to the account would be temporary in that particular system, or be global to all the systems and devices that the user would refer to.

Now, users can change the theme and the background images of their Gmail account by following a simple set of steps as described below.


Add/Change background image

Step 1 –Firstly, user needs to login to their Gmail account by entering the user name and password and clicking on the Sign in button

Step 2 – Post log in to the account, user needs to visit the setting button and then click on the themes option

Step 3 – On clicking on the theme option, the user needs to locate the ‘Custom theme’ option and then within it, select the custom light or custom dark option.

Step 4 – Now, the user can select the appropriate background image from any of the available options:-

  1. Featured – which contains the popular images which are registered by Gmail and are commonly used as background images by users
  2. My Photos – Here, users can select any of their images uploaded in their Google plus account and use them as the background image of their Gmail account
  3. Upload Photos – Here, using this option, users can upload an image from their device which can then be set as the background image to their Gmail account
  4. Paste a URL – This option lets users to set a particular image from the web (as linked by the URL) as the background image to their Gmail account

On selecting the appropriate option and then choosing the required image to be set, the same would be applied to the account.

Changing themes

The changing of themes follows the same set of steps as that of changing background image. Users need to follow the first two steps as mentioned above, and then select the appropriate themes based on the available options to the user. Users can also refer to the extensive documentation and illustration available in the customer help portals for easy reference. If you are not able to do this then contact gmail technical support phone number about the email informations.