How to Protect Your Computer from Your Parents

To maintain your privacy you may want to protect your computer from your parents, roommates and even friends. Here is how you can protect your computer from unwanted intrusion:

Set a password:

Create a password which cannot be guessed by your friends or people who know you closely. Do not make your username, your password. You can have something which is not known to anybody, any secret obsession, or liking as your password or you can also have the name of any random object such as ‘Tiffin box’ as your password. To set a password, go to users and groups and then select new account as standard. After this you have to enter your name and account name in the designated fields. Now enter the password and after you enter it you have to verify it by the entering it. You can also provide password hint so that you can recover your password in case you forget it.

Create an account for every user:

It is advisable that you create an account for all those people in your family who use your computer. In this manner they will not go to your profile as they will be interested only in their account. However, remember to provide them limited access, unless you want others to access your account.

Create compressed zip folder and protect with password:

Even then there can be chance that they get access to your files and try to dig out information. Go to your desktop and right click on the desktop. From the drop down- select the option compressed zipped folder. Name it and drag and drop all your desktop files into this folder apart from my computer and recycling bin. Then enter the folder and right click to add a password. Remember not to make your username your password, but your password can be easier here, but not easy to guess. If you are an advanced user you can encrypt your folder with OTFE or truecrypt.

In this manner you can go to my documents and create a compressed zipped folder and protect with a password.

If you do not want people to know your Internet history, you have two options. You can either set your history period as 0. Click on tools and then Internet options if you use Internet explorer. In the Internet options you can delete the history every time you use Internet.

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