Skype Credits and Contacts are Missing; how to fix it?

Skype credit and contacts are missing

You opened Skype and entered your credits, but for your utter surprise there is no contact and Skype credit for you. This is really annoying for a user, when you are unable to find your valuable Skype credits and contact list has been vanished.

Why this happens?

If you have more than one Microsoft account – If a Skype user has more than one Microsoft account, then you might find that the contacts and credits are not available in your account. There are, Skype, Hotmail, Office 365, OneDrive, Xbox, or Windows accounts for some users and this creates some confusion. You might signed into some other account, as Microsoft users can sign in to any of their account credits for any of the Microsoft services

If someone else is using your Skype account – This could be difficult yet the possibilities of getting your account used by someone and you don’t have any clue left with you. Either by hacking or by some other mean, if someone has your account credits for Skype; there are chances that you may lose your Skype credits and contacts too

How to get into the correct Skype account?

This is needed to get into your correct Skype account rather getting into some other Microsoft account. We have some quick tips and tricks for you to get the correct account credits and sign into that account only.

You can try accessing your Skype account with some another device that you might already be signed in – This is the best way to switch to some other device, in order to get into your own Skype account. This will avoid the cache of your account activity and you won’t fall into the same mistake again. In fact, you should try to get device which you haven’t used before signing in, so there would be lesser chances of getting any such issue.

Sign out of Skype, and then sign back in – You can try this too, just sign out from your Skype account and sign in back after clearing the temporary files, caches and browser history. This is in order to avoid the auto-fill feature of your browser and you don’t need to bother about the sign in issues. Just keep the sign in manually and get rid of the issue.

Still don’t see your contacts or Skype credit – If the problem still persists, then you should try signing in with any email address which you have used before signing in to any other Microsoft services. You might find your Skype credits and contacts, but by any chance it is not there; then you need to sign out and sign in with some other email account.

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How to recover Skype password and reset

Skype is one of the most convenient ways to manage your communication in various medium like chat, audio, and video by sending and receiving all kinds of data. As the trusted application of big software giant company, it is broadly preferred in various organizations all across the world. Thus, Skype is a very efficient part for the users all across the world, so one should always try to maintain the perfect functioning of Skype.

However, sometimes it happens that while you go for login to your Skype account, then you certainly forgot the password or you become unable to make login to your Skype. If you face any situation with your Skype for making login, then there are lots of things that you can do to recover the password of your Skype. So, let’s see the workaround that you can do to have Skype password recovery and reset.

Things to do before going for Skype password recovery process:

• First, check that password you are entering is correct or not.
• Now, check whether caps lock key is on or not.
• After checking these things again enter the correct password.
• If Skype get logged in then all right, otherwise you have forgotten the password of Skype.
• Go, through the process to recover and reset Skype password.

Steps to recover and reset Skype password:

• Open the Skype app on your system.
• Now, go to the account recovery page.
• Enter the email address or phone number concerning to your Skype.
• Now, you receive an email with temporary code.
• Once code is received, then you need to copy it and need to move back to the webpage.
• In the empty field just paste the code.
• If code is not received, then you can click on resend code.
• Now, enter new password and then make the confirmation.
• One the process is complete then you need to click on submit to save the changes.

After, going through all these above steps you just need to note down your new password of your Skype so that you could not forget your password. However, even going through these procedures if you still receiving trouble in resetting password for your Skype then you can take the help from technical experts who know well about Skype. Here, you can dial a Skype technical support customer service number to obtain an instant and accurate password support for Skype.

How to record a Skype call on your pc or Mac

Nowadays using Skype and sending instant messages from the Skype software is common. Everyone uses Skype due to its easy to use interference and also it offers users with a number of amazing features. If you are a Skype user and you are facing some issues in how to record call on your pc or Mac device there here you will get complete steps for the same.

Almost everyone has a Skype account as it offers quality video as well as audio calls. It has speedily become the one of the popular communication method for long-distance calls and users are using it for instant video chats as it is free and trouble-free to use. In case you want to record some calls due to any reason then Skype also offers this feature.

In case you are taking some information from your tutor or you want to save voice of your near one and want to listen to them again later. If you are not able to record the call on Skype using Mac or your pc then follow these steps.

  • First of all you need to leave the Skype app.
  • Now simply go to play store and download Call Recorder from the website.
  • Double-tap on the Install Call Recorder file option to install the software and follow the installation steps you will get on screen.
  • After the installation process gets complete you can open your account i.e. Skype account in the Alert talk window.
  • Skype now has a novel preference location called Recording. Here you can also opt for other settings for Call Recorder.
  • Its good to leave all default settings as such and access your account gain by selecting Skype > Preferences > and then Recording option.
  • Now you can start a video or audio conversation according to your needs in Skype.
  • After starting a video or audio call you can tap on call recorder option.
  • Tap on the Red record button and the recording will start. In order to stop recording you can tap on stop in Call Recorder to end recording.
  • In case you have some saved recording in your Skype then you can tap on the search icon option and find the video or audio recording.
  • This is one of the easiest way to record calls on your device.

Hopefully these steps help you in recording a call on Skype on your Mac or pc device and if you need more help then you can take Skype customer support help for the same.

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How to Make a group video call on Skype

Skype is one of the well used platform through which you can make a group video call and other features in an efficient manner. Nowadays everyone is busy in their own life and thus there is shortage of time also. Sometimes you need to call your friends or relatives then you get frustrated that how to manage. If you normally contribute in group calls on Skype with your friends, relatives, co-workers, and other family members, then you know how frustrating it can be to make acl to each and every individual and rely on the same page. Luckily if you are a Skype account user and you are using Windows or any Mac device then you can make a group video call on Skype.

If you are not able to make a group video call on Skype then you can simply apply the below-mentioned steps and enjoy video calls instantly.

  • First of all you need to open your Skype account.
  • Once your Skype is open, then you need to choose the people with whom you want to make the group call.
  • Making group call is easy choose one of the people that you want to add to a group call.
  • Then, tap on the plus sign or Plus menu sign in your friend’s list, and tap on “Add People.
  • As you know Skype calls are free but in case you want to call any mobile number or landline from your Skype, then what you need is a little Skype Credit.
  • You can also find the person to whom you want to add in group call.
  • For an audio call tap on the call button.
  • For a video call choose the video call button.
  • If you want to make a group call then you need to op for the call or video button. Even you can add some name to the group along with a picture.
  • Finally for ending call tap on the end call option available in the Skype page to hang up.

If you are using the above steps for making  a group call on Skype then don’t get panic at all as you can now simply get help from  a reliable source via connecting to  a third party tech support providing company and get assured solutions on your finger tips. You can also dial 1-800 Support Skype helpline phone number to get complete assistance.

How to share screen and send files in Skype?

If you are Skype account user then you know that you can communicate you’re your contacts in Skype in two additional ways as it offer you with sending instant messages, calls and videos and much more but the most liked are the  screen sharing, and file sending feature. The screen sharing feature that allow you to share live video of your computer screen at anytime anywhere this can help you in running business meetings. It’s a huge way to show how to do a meeting online if you are far away from some client. On the other hand you can send files to your contacts through this incredible feature you can send files of any size or type of file, that includes photos, presentations, and much more present on your system.

Here in this write up you will get steps for both the features.

How to share screen in skype?

  • First of all in order to make a voice call or video call you need to apply these steps.
  • Simply tap on the + button in the call window option available in the Skype screen, then tap on Share screens option.

  • After this the contact you are making a video call will be able to see live video of what you are sharing with the person including your desktop.
  • You can share the programs open to the contact.

  • To finish or end the video or screen sharing you can tap on stop sharing your screen, tap on the Stop sharing button.

  • Finally tap on the End Call button option available when you’re prepared to hang up.

How to send files in Skype?

  • First tap on the person to whom you want to send a file or document in the Contacts tab.
  • Now here the contact’s information will open .
  • You can see a paper clip option available in the options simply tap on that option.
  • This option helps you to send files from your computer that you have saved.

  • Choose the file that you want to send to your contact.
  • To opt for numerous files, hold the Ctrl key on your keyboard and select files which you want to send.

  • Your contact will receive the file if he or she is online on Skype. If the contact is offline, then he or she will download the file later.

You can also use the + button to send files when you are on call.

Hopefully you can use these steps for share screen and send files in Skype and for further assistance you can dial toll free 1-800 Skype customer support number and get complete assistance for the same.

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