Why is my Facebook marketplace not loading?

It is known by everyone that Facebook is the most trusted and popular social networking website. This is all because of its outstanding features and privacy settings FB. Out of all the features and benefits, Facebook Marketplace is considered as the most amazing one as it lets you buy and sell through it. The best part is that Facebook ensures its massive users to maintain their privacy. In business, the FB marketplace is the new talk of the town as you will get an opportunity to do business online. But, you might face some technical glitches while using it. One of the common problems is when your Facebook marketplace not working.

There are technical errors that can occur at any hour of the day. You need to get if fixed by seeking the technical help of the professionals. The only solution for rectifying this error is connecting to the FB technical support service via helpline number. You can easily ask any query to the team of technical support consultants if you are a new user of the marketplace and facing technical woes. Some of the technical woes and their solutions that users report are listed below:

How to fix the Facebook marketplace not working?

One of the common glitches that users face is the non-functioning of the marketplace. If you’re also having the problem related to the marketplace not working on Facebook then you can take assistance from the professionals of the FB support team. Different reasons behind this won’t let you access the marketplace. You need to go through each reason to fix it and make your marketplace working again:

  • Make sure that your mentioned age is appropriate for the FB. Your age matters when it comes to creating an FB marketplace account. Your Facebook Account Age is important for the marketplace. Facebook Marketplace feature gets disabled for users with the age below 18. So, you need to be above 18 for this.
  • Facebook will surely restrict those new accounts if the criteria don’t meet. This will help in preventing spam. If you have a new Facebook account then you might not have the feature of marketplace enabled for you in your account.
  • The outdated app or device will also not support the marketplace. The outdated iPhones and Android devices might cause you this issue. If you are having a very old phone then try to replace is as the marketplace feature might be restricted on your device.
  • There are only some countries in which FB marketplace is supported. If you’re living in an unsupported country then there might be issues with the marketplace.

If this doesn’t help you then try connecting with the FB customer support helpline number to get into touch with the live technical agents and technicians.

Why is my Facebook marketplace not loading?

Users have also reported about the issue of the Facebook marketplace not loading. If this FB problem bothering you then you must consider these solutions to fix it:

  • At first, you must try to use a different web browser. Also, check if the browser needs an update.
  • After this, try to clear the history, cookies, and cache from the browser. To do this, you’ll have to be navigating to the browser’s setting and following the on-screen instructions.
  • If all these steps get failed then all that you need to do is to disable the add-ons before accessing the marketplace.
  • If you’re using the marketplace on your mobile device then it is crucial to operating the FB marketplace on the latest app. So, just make sure that you’re having the latest version of the FB app.

If you want quick assistance of the facebook marketplace not working then connect a team of technicians that will help you immediately to overcome the technical breakdowns. Therefore, just call on the helpline number for speedy help from the deft technical experts.

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