Facing error in Sending and Receiving Yahoo account

All the issues (technical and non-technical) pertaining to Yahoo account are routed through the Yahoo Customer care service. The yahoo customer care team consists of a group of young and energetic professionals who are both technically and functionally proficient to carry out day to day activities. With more than millions of active customers across the globe, the team always remain on their toes to help customers solve issues in their mailing account so as to ensure a seamless and flawless experience to customers. Talking of any issues in sending and receiving mails, it can be due to a variety of reasons.

A few of the reasons which could cause this issue are enumerated below:-

  1. Due to low bandwidth in the network – Sending and receiving of emails (especially sending of emails) require a certain bandwidth in the internet network without which it does not get sent. This issue is most prevalent when the user has a lot of customized settings in his or her profile. In such a scenario, users are recommended to disable all the cosmetic settings to the profile and open the mail in the ‘Basic mail’ mode. This mode uses less of the bandwidth of the network.
  2. An account logged off or session expired – This issue occurs mainly when the session (i.e. the web page) is not worked upon for a long period of time. There is a certain time (browser-specific) after which the session expires. When a session expires even when the user clicks on the “Send” button, the message would not get delivered. In such a scenario, the user is recommended to refresh the web page. On refreshing it, the user would be asked to re log in to the website. A fresh session would start wherein the user can send messages
  3. Protocol issue – This issue is mainly found in receiving messages and more especially in the mailbox refresh. Users who access e-mail from a mobile app most invariably complain about this issue. In such a scenario, the mailbox as presented by the app is not refreshed dynamically and hence, is not in sync with that of the email server.

There could be other issues as well due to which customers may find issues in sending or receiving emails. The most frequently occurring issues and their troubleshooting techniques are already available in the help centre at their online portal. Customers are requested to visit those sites and in case of any help, they can call the Yahoo Customer care service any time during the day and get their query resolved.

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