What to Do When You Fail to Login to Your Gmail Account?

Getting frustrated or nervous or even irritated is a spontaneous outburst when you fail to login or sign-in to your Gmail account. Certainly, this happens; and this clearly indicates that you are having some terrible issues with your Gmail account. Indeed, Google has made it easier for users to communicate in a simple and hassle-free manner. Coming across such technical glitches would surely turn your mood off. Well, don’t lose your heart. Before something big turns up, let’s have a glance at the most possible issues that users of Google Mail might face and find the solution.

Most Possible Gmail Login Issues:

If a user fails to access his or her Google Mail account, it could majorly be because of wrong password input. Yes, you heard it correct. And it is very common and widespread. You must understand that passwords are case-sensitive. Since one can’t read the password characters, users must be cautious during the password input. Beware of Caps lock key, too. What if it’s just not about putting wrong password? What are the other things that you should keep your eyes rolling in when you can’t access your Gmail account?

  • Forgotten password (Already discussed above).
  • Wrong or don’t remember email address or
  • Do you doubt that someone else is using your account?
  • Failing to reset password via a text code or an SMS.
  • Can’t login on all browsers.
  • Failing to meet age requirements (under 13 years of age).
  • 2-step verification

Solutions to the Above Problems:

  • Forgotten Password: The easiest way to retrieve your lost or forgotten password is to visit the Account Support page. Users need to do the formalities like answering to the questions asked during the process – Google does this to ensure that you are the owner. Reset the password. Understand that the new password should be different from the previous one and is strong enough.
  • Wrong Username or Email Address: Not sure whether you have the right username or email id? Visit the “Having trouble signing in?” page and follow the guidelines. Pick a recovery method – either an email ID or a phone number. Follow the instructions to confirm that you are the owner of the account.
  • Someone Else Is Using Your Account: Before the other guy takes any step, you need to secure your account. It’s Time for your Security Checkup. You need to check your recovery information like recovery phone, recovery email and security question.

However, if you fail to access your account, visit the Account support page. Face some questions only to confirm that you are the real owner of that particular account. Answer them. Then you have to reset your password. Ensure that you are picking up a strong password (obviously, unused).

  • Can’t Reset Password via Text or SMS: Visit the Account support Face some questions only to confirm that you are the real owner of that particular account. Seek a verification code from Google via text or SMS. Since the recovery code doesn’t change, you can use it without seeking another code.
  • Can’t Login on all Browsers: The most effective way to find a solution to this problem is to delete all cookies and clearing all cache files.
  • Minimum Age Requirements: For people who try different dates, Google never minds putting a temporary block. For underage potential users, trying a different browser would help.
  • 2-step Verification Problem: Go to the troubleshooter page for if you are having issues with two-step verification method.

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