How to troubleshoot tech glitches with Google play store?

An enormous number of people is using Google to meet their daily based purpose. Most of them have become dependent on this search engine to get them all kinds of information. They need to use the Google play store to download apps as per their requirement.

With the changing trend, Google users have become dependent on the Google play store. They need multiple apps to meet their requirement and hence they download and install the app using the Google play store. But sometimes they have to face problems as Google play store down scenario appear. It usually happens because of hidden reasons and thus, users face lots of troubles.

They try to seek appropriate methods to troubleshoot Google play store down scenario as soon as possible. Google users do not have enough idea what to do if a problem arises. And for this reason, they become disappointed. However, they may opt to carry some of the basic tips to find the ultimate solution for their Google play store issues.

What happens when Google play store stops working?

Most often, Google users have to face the following obstruction when they find their down play store.

  • Problems associated with downloading or installing apps or games from the Google Play Store
  • Issues in downloading movies, TV shows, and music.
  • You cannot access your Google play
  • Sometimes Google Play Store app crashes after you open it.
  • The Downloading process fail to stop

Google users should initiate to Check Wi-Fi or mobile data connection:

In the first step, they should make sure they have a strong internet connection if they come across, play store app down scenario. They must take measures to analyze the connectivity factor as it affects a lot of Google play store functions. Down Google play store app situation can easily be managed if Google users have sufficient knowledge to deal with the issue.

Another aspect is Google users should delete the cache & data of the Play Store:

To manage the problems related to the play store not working, Google users step ahead concretely. Applying all possible measures is necessary to beat the challenges of the Google play store.

  • In the first step, Google users should access their device’s Settings app.
  • Next, they should click on apps and notifications to see all apps.
  • Further, they should Scroll down and hit the Google Play Store.
  • Now they should make click on the options Storage to Clear Cache.
  • Thereafter, they need to click on the option “clear data”
  • At last, they need to access the Play Store once again to strive for downloading apps again.

Google users should restart their device on which they are using Google play store:

Sometimes a problem like Google play services update error appears. This is also one of the irritating scenarios. Google users completely begin to lose their hope of betterment. However, they may take a trial by restarting their device on which they are accessing their Google play store. Technical issues with the Google play store are not a shocking occurrence. It is quite natural but users must know the tips to fix it as soon as possible.

  • Initially, Google users should tap and hold the Power button until the menu pops up.
  • Next, they need to tap on the power off or Restart button if that is an option.
  • In case, required, they should press and hold the Power button until their device turns on once again.


Google users need to very calm when they come across unexpected troubles. Google play store however is the most important source to download the application. But they should remember that it is a technical based feature. The problem in all of a sudden ways is not a new thing. It will keep on occurring every time; the best option is to find concrete solution tips. Adopting an appropriate measure always helps to overcome the problem that arises with the Google play store.


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