How can I fix my Yahoo mail account?

Yahoo provides multiple services to its users. It also makes sure that customers do not face any issue while using their application. But there are some issues that cannot be controlled. These types of issues result in locking of accounts. So, I take some precautions to fix my Yahoo mail account from locking and hackers. You can also use these precautions to make your account safer to store important information. Yahoo users sometimes face login issues. Whereas other times they face technical issues due to which they are unable to send or receive emails in their account. So here we will learn about some major Yahoo issues and ways to resolve them.

  • Unable to send or receive emails: If you are unable to send or receive email on your Yahoo mail account then there must be an internet issue in your device. Alternatively, if the internet is working fine then check for cache and cookies in the system. Apart from this, an activated firewall can also be the reason for this issue. Yahoo users can easily solve the issue by following some additional measures.

If you are not connected to an internet connection then connect your device to a strong internet connection. Also, clean the cache and cookies from the browser. Additionally, disable all the activated firewalls from the browser to receive the Yahoo mails. Anyone of these will surely fix problem Yahoo mail and allow you to send emails from their account.

  • Unable to login Yahoo mail account:Yahoo users need a correct email id and password to login to their account. If you are unable to sign in to your Yahoo account then you must be entering a wrong password or email address. Moreover, if both the information is correct then someone might have hacked your account. No matter whether your account has been hacked or you have forgotten the password you can easily recover your account by resetting your password.

Once you reset your Yahoo mail password, you will fix problem signing into Yahoo account. You can use the Yahoo sign-in helper method to reset your Yahoo password and recover your account.

  • Not able to access your Yahoo account due to security reasons: When I am unable to access my account, I check for the above issues. If I find none of them are creating problems then I lastly check for security settings to fix my Yahoo mail account. Sometimes, clearing a security setting will also help you to get access to your Yahoo account.

If you are using Yahoo on any browser then remove all the third-party applications connected to the Yahoo account. Moreover, on a mobile device, you need to clear the application settings.

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