What is the Facebook Marketplace and where will I get marketplace on Facebook?

Facebook is known for its easy interface and variety of features. It was incorporated in 2004 and since then they have been continuously catering to the customers with new features. The recently launched Facebook marketplace feature is also among the most cherished ones. Facebook users can now sell and purchase products from Facebook too at reasonable prices. If you are a small scale businessman then you can also get marketplace on Facebook to sell your products. Additionally, Facebook has started this feature for all android, iPhone, and browser users so that no one will be left to get the advantage of the best service. You can open your Facebook marketplace with the below process.

If you are using Facebook on your browser then you will get the marketplace icon listed in the menu available on the left side of the screen. Whereas Android and iPhone users will get the same icon on either below or top of the home screen depending on your app version.

This feature is specifically designed to shop with the local sellers. However, you can also expand your market and sell products internationally as well. You will get all the household items, furniture, electronics, and fashion accessories on the Facebook marketplace. To purchase a product, you just have to coordinate with the seller on Facebook. They will guide you regarding payment and delivery.

Moreover, you do not have to create a separate account for using this marketplace feature on Facebook. You have to log in with your usual email address and password on Facebook application.

Why am I can’t able to access the Facebook marketplace?

Facebook marketplace is open for all users. But there are certain things due to which you aren’t able to access it on your device. If you can’t access Facebook marketplace then you should check for the below reasons.

  • You need to be more than 18 years of age to get to marketplace Facebook
  • Facebook marketplace is not accessible on iPhone devices of older iPhone 5 models. However, if you are using an android device then update the application to use the latest features of the marketplace.
  • You need to be an old Facebook user to get marketplace on Facebook. You might not be able to use the marketplace on your account if you have recently joined Facebook.
  • In the current scenario, the Facebook marketplace is available in almost all major countries of the world. But there are certain areas in these countries where Facebook hasn’t reached yet. If you are not seeing the marketplace icon on your application then you might be located in one of those areas. You can contact the support team to get the list of restricted regions. Additionally. We suggest checking the marketplace icon in “See more” options. As sometimes it gets down in the list when you do not use the application for long and the other applications start showing on the top that you have used recently.
  • Facebook users need to adhere to the Facebook market policies to access it on application. If you violate any of them or have listed something against the policies then your marketplace account will be locked temporarily. Then you have to contact the support team to regain access to your Facebook marketplace.


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