How to configure Gmail to Hotmail account

It is possible to configure Gmail Hotmail account by making use of the POP or IMAP feature. With the help of this feature one can easily access on mails from Gmail account without logging into it through Hotmail account. Hotmail has been many innovative features that can be used online and that is why it is considered a better emails service for operation and professional purposes. If you have a Hotmail account you can easily configure Gmail what will account when making use of this feature. However, remember you will not be able to access those days which are stored in folders. If you want to access any mail that is stored in folders you have to first transfer those mails to the inbox and then try to access them through Hotmail.

In order to configure Gmail what will you have to go to the setting support will account. Here you have to select the accounts and import section. One can locate the option where POP or IMAP feature is available. Customers just need to select the e-mail service they want to access through Hotmail account. They have to select Gmail from the list of e-mail services that appear from the drop down. After that they have to provide the user ID and password of the Gmail account. Once done they have to mention the elements they want to access through their Hotmail account.

In the settings all the unnecessary details have to be provided so that one can access Gmail accounts and Hotmail account. This is a technical step and many customers are not aware about the information they need to provide in these fields. One has to get in touch with Hotmail Technical Support team to learn what they have to provide so that they can complete the process. The technical support team of Hotmail can be contacted by dialing toll free help line number which is available at all times.

After providing the information one needs to save the changes and complete the process. In this manner Gmail to Hotmail account can be configured and one can access Gmail account without logging into it. This feature is useful because of the innovative features available at Hotmail that can be accessed even when offline. The technical associates of Hotmail are fully trained to guide and help customers in case they find any difficulty in configuring the Gmail account to what mail account.

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