How to create an advert page on Facebook

Facebook is, without a doubt, a logical place for small business owners to experiment with paid advertisement especially without the unsafe investment of a lot of time and money. This medium offers one of the easiest ways for small business persons to start a targeted ad campaign with no risk investment as you don’t need to spend a lot of money and time on this. Through these ad campaigns, you can display your business content to diverse users of the Facebook. Creating a Facebook Ad campaign is one of the best feature offered y the social media giant.

As these pay-per-click campaigns, help businesses persons to set a financial plan for how much they want to spend over a certain interval of time. These Facebook campaigns are very much easier to examine than other complex pay-per-click search engine marketing plans. These ads are less costly than customary media ads. Through these Facebook ads, you can directly drive fans to your page and website and generate your business via creating new customers.

Here in this write-up you will get complete steps about how to create an advert page on Facebook. Overall ads can be broken down into the following three segments:

  • Ad sets.
  • Campaigns.
  • Ads.

The fundamentals of Facebook re-targeting are extremely uncomplicated. By means of this, a user can get an opportunity to connect with people. Below mentioned steps help you in creating a Facebook ad in an efficient manner. Follow the quick steps:

Get started log into your Facebook account

First of all simply log into Facebook and after this go to the page called Advertise in the drop-down menu after that to the Home button. Now tap on create an Ad in the drop-down menu this is one of the finest ways to advertise for your business. One thing to keep in mind is for creating Facebook ad campaign you need a separate account to link ads with.

Make a decision what to advertise

After starting creating an ad now you need to describe Facebook what your ad should link to. You can even refer individuals to a particular website, like a company blog. Even one can also direct users to a company Facebook page to promote new pages that your business has created on Facebook that can be anything like events or places.

Choose a specific advertising goal

Once making a decision about what to advertise it is important what you want to achieve. In case you build a good social media presence then make certain by driving fans to your Facebook page to generate more likes. For promoting a specific thing such as the blog post, ensure to opt for the Promote Page Posts. In case you want more traffic then go to Advanced Options.

Design the Facebook ad

For designing an ad you need to know that Facebook ads consist of a 25-character headline and a 90-character description, along with this you can add a thumbnail photograph. You can edit and rewrite for your intended audience. Before writing anything it’s good to read the site’s advertising guidelines linked to what you are able to post according to terms.

Targeting the audience for ad

You can definitely narrow the audience for your ads. For micro-target, you can use particular zip codes to consider the locations. You can even add advanced settings by targeting audience on the basis of languages spoken, interests and the gender, in case you’re marketing objective is to aim particular decision-makers.

Setting of the name, time and the cost

In addition to all this, the next step would be naming the campaign, and setting of the time and the funds. While setting name always choose a different name from others but target your service. You can schedule your ads timings it’s your choice to run them continuously or through a precise date and time.


After selecting all things Facebook without delay ask you for payment via– credit card, debit card, PayPal or a Facebook Ad coupon. It’s totally your choice to choose the mode of payment.

Monitoring and making of the report

Once the campaign starts running, it is necessary to be familiar with the progress of the same. You can use Ads Manager tool to follow the progress. This tool helps you to get complete information on the campaigns. The reports are in the form of HTML files that can be used to review and evaluate ads.

Lastly managing of the ads

In case the ads which you generate are not performing well then you can edit it by changing its attributes. You can use specific successful ads to create a similar one. This will help you to create a new ad with preselected settings.

Hopefully, this write-up helps you a lot while creating a new advert page on Facebook.

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