How to record a Skype call on your pc or Mac

Nowadays using Skype and sending instant messages from the Skype software is common. Everyone uses Skype due to its easy to use interference and also it offers users with a number of amazing features. If you are a Skype user and you are facing some issues in how to record call on your pc or Mac device there here you will get complete steps for the same.

Almost everyone has a Skype account as it offers quality video as well as audio calls. It has speedily become the one of the popular communication method for long-distance calls and users are using it for instant video chats as it is free and trouble-free to use. In case you want to record some calls due to any reason then Skype also offers this feature.

In case you are taking some information from your tutor or you want to save voice of your near one and want to listen to them again later. If you are not able to record the call on Skype using Mac or your pc then follow these steps.

  • First of all you need to leave the Skype app.
  • Now simply go to play store and download Call Recorder from the website.
  • Double-tap on the Install Call Recorder file option to install the software and follow the installation steps you will get on screen.
  • After the installation process gets complete you can open your account i.e. Skype account in the Alert talk window.
  • Skype now has a novel preference location called Recording. Here you can also opt for other settings for Call Recorder.
  • Its good to leave all default settings as such and access your account gain by selecting Skype > Preferences > and then Recording option.
  • Now you can start a video or audio conversation according to your needs in Skype.
  • After starting a video or audio call you can tap on call recorder option.
  • Tap on the Red record button and the recording will start. In order to stop recording you can tap on stop in Call Recorder to end recording.
  • In case you have some saved recording in your Skype then you can tap on the search icon option and find the video or audio recording.
  • This is one of the easiest way to record calls on your device.

Hopefully these steps help you in recording a call on Skype on your Mac or pc device and if you need more help then you can take Skype customer support help for the same.


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