Outlook Email Attachment Issues

Microsoft Outlook is one of the most reliable and secure email platforms to use. However, sometimes because of the security measures in Outlook, you are not allowed to send an attachment with your email messages. Outlook considers a certain type of attachments harmful and thus restricts them from getting downloaded and uploaded. There are certain causes responsible for such attachment issue in Outlook. Some of them are:

  • The size of the file attachment is more than the size allowed to be sent via email in Outlook.
  • The file extension of the file is not permitted by Outlook.
  • Firewall, Antivirus or Internet security preventing the file from being downloaded or uploaded.
  • Corrupt Offline Folder file (OST) or Outlook Personal Folder File (PST file).
  • Special character in the file name.

In order to fix these cause and make Outlook allow the attachments to be sent via email, follow the guide mentioned below:

Steps to Fix Outlook Email Attachment Issues

1.) It is necessary to make sure that the file type or extension you are trying to attach in email is allowed by Outlook.  For example, if you are trying to send a file with the .exe extension, Outlook will not allow such file to be sent via email as such extension are capable of infected your computer. It is suggested to change the file name extension so that if doesn’t get blocked by Outlook. You can do that by renaming a .exe program to .exe_fix and then attach it to your email.

2.) Outlook and other email service providers put a cap on the size of the file you send via a single email. If the size of the file exceeds the size which is allowed, Outlook will not send such files. For example, Outlook 10 doesn’t allow a file more than the size of 20 MB. To send a bigger file than the 20 MB size, it is recommended to use a platform such as One Drive by Microsoft.

3.) You should also make sure that your Firewall or Antivirus are not interfering with download or upload of a file in Outlook. It is suggested to turn off Firewall, Antivirus and other security programs (one at a time) to check if they are causing the issue. If yes, you can keep the Outlook in the exclusion list to allow download and upload of the file in Outlook’s email. However, it is not suggested as this may make your computer vulnerable to the virus.

4.) You should the OST or PST file in your Outlook as they are the Microsoft databases that are used to store emails and folders of Outlook. If they get corrupted, you may not be able to even send or receive emails. You can use certain tools offered by Microsoft to repair such corrupt PST or OST file.

So, these are some of the ways you can easily fix the file attachment issue in Outlook email.

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