How to create Google plus page

Google Plus pages or websites are easy and convenient manner to project any content and host it on the web. Small and medium scale businesses use these features to promote their services and offerings to the larger audience. For that, users first need to visit the Google Plus website and then click on the ‘create’ option to get started with the Google Plus page. The design and methodology is pretty much the same as that of Facebook page. There is a wizard present there to help designers to customize the page as per their need, be it for local business or any other.

How to change language in Gmail account

Changing settings of Google is simple and following a few steps they can be accomplished without facing any errors. In order to change language preference of your Gmail account, simply login to your account by entering correct username and password. When you account loading is complete, you can find a small gear symbol at the top right corner of Gmail. Click on this gear sign, and under the sign, there is an option, called ‘Settings’. Click on settings, and then under the general tab, you shall find an option called language. Change the default language setting to your desired language. Click on ‘Save Changes’ to complete the process of changing language settings. Contact gmail customer care team for any help with

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Live phone support for spam related issues in the Google Mail Account

If you are using Google mail account, then let the Gmail Technical Support team people handle your email when in problem. Every one of us gets a significant amount of spam and junk mails every day. Emails from unnamed and unverified senders will sit in your inbox which are mostly termed as Spam or Junk mail.

So if you are fed up of getting a plenty of them and want them to be removed from your mail box, then just place a call to the Gmail Technical Support team by calling the Gmail Contact Number.

The service

At Google they provide 24/7/365 support. Besides the service accountability to each and every user is the core priority. With its expansion Google makes sure that the customer support is also provided continuously. If ever you face any crisis with your Gmail or if you have any FAQ’s, get in touch with the efficient team of Google.

The Google Technical Support Contact Number is a toll free one. The number can be dialed and reached from any part of the world. The best part of the helpline is unlike other helpline numbers you will not have to wait till eternity to get to talk to one of the technical support representatives. By making just a call you can get solution to any Gmail related problem. So talk to them to solve any technical problem in just a little while.


Google mail services tries to keep junk or spam mails out of the users’ inbox, but sometimes spam get through. Every Gmail account has a filtering system that allows users to manage the pour-in of incoming messages. But still if your problem with junk or spam mails persists the technicians with their methodical guidance help you overcome that. With any problem-small or big, remember the Gmail customer care team professionals for any assistance. However, for users own security against any kind of frauds or hacking activities it is imperative that they also take some precautionary measures to safeguard their account. Some of the steps that the customers can take on their own are like:

  • Using a strong password that will be a combination of alphabets and numerals
  • Not leaving the account unattended when it is signed in
  • Logging out from the account properly
  • Deleting any spam or junk regularly

These are some of the elementary steps that one must take. If the particular problem still persists then feel absolutely free to call up the engineers.

What are the steps to Change Theme & Background Picture in Gmail Account?

Google Mail provides users with the option of customizing their account by changing the themes and background images of their Gmail account. In such cases, users can choose to keep their settings and customizations limited to the system which they are using, or opt to make it global by saving it in the server. This is done by setting the appropriate protocol – POP or IMAP – in their Gmail account which decides the fact whether the changes to the account would be temporary in that particular system, or be global to all the systems and devices that the user would refer to.

Now, users can change the theme and the background images of their Gmail account by following a simple set of steps as described below.


Add/Change background image

Step 1 –Firstly, user needs to login to their Gmail account by entering the user name and password and clicking on the Sign in button

Step 2 – Post log in to the account, user needs to visit the setting button and then click on the themes option

Step 3 – On clicking on the theme option, the user needs to locate the ‘Custom theme’ option and then within it, select the custom light or custom dark option.

Step 4 – Now, the user can select the appropriate background image from any of the available options:-

  1. Featured – which contains the popular images which are registered by Gmail and are commonly used as background images by users
  2. My Photos – Here, users can select any of their images uploaded in their Google plus account and use them as the background image of their Gmail account
  3. Upload Photos – Here, using this option, users can upload an image from their device which can then be set as the background image to their Gmail account
  4. Paste a URL – This option lets users to set a particular image from the web (as linked by the URL) as the background image to their Gmail account

On selecting the appropriate option and then choosing the required image to be set, the same would be applied to the account.

Changing themes

The changing of themes follows the same set of steps as that of changing background image. Users need to follow the first two steps as mentioned above, and then select the appropriate themes based on the available options to the user. Users can also refer to the extensive documentation and illustration available in the customer help portals for easy reference. If you are not able to do this then contact gmail technical support phone number about the email informations.

How to stop desktop notification in Gmail

Desktop notifications can sometimes be troublesome when you don’t want to get disturbed by the continuous e-mails entering your Gmail account. Whenever a new mail enters your Gmail account you will be notified by a popup message. These services available for chrome, Firefox can safari. However, if you do not want to get notified all the time and you feel that you can do without the desktop notifications, you can turn the notifications off, whenever you desire. For this you will have to follow a few simple steps and do away with the notifications completely. Of course, you can reactivate your desktop notifications, whenever you want to be more active and track your emails.

To turn on desktop notifications, you need to be signed into your Gmail account. Your Gmail account should be open if you want to get desktop notifications. If you want to turn your desktop notifications off, go to settings by clicking on the gear icon. You have to scroll down to the desktop notifications. You have to stay in the general tab and select an option based on certain criteria. If you use categories in Gmail, you will be only notified about messages entering the primary category, if you turn on new mail notifications. Turn on the important mail notifications; you will be notified about any mail marked as important entering your inbox in Gmail.

If you do not want to be notified about any mail you have to select ‘mail notifications off.’ This will stop any notifications and you will not be notified about entry of any mail into your inbox. Now scroll down to the bottom of the page and save changes. You can turn the notifications on, if you need to be alerted about entry of new mails into your Gmail inbox. You can also turn on notifications for a limited period of time, if you have an important mail to receive. When you receive this mail, you can again turn off the notifications.

Call Gmail Customer Support team to learn about Gmail notifications on your desktop. If you have any doubts or confusions about turning on or turning off your Gmail notifications, you can immediately get in touch with the technical associates of Gmail and they will clear your doubts instantly. Resolve all problems related to Gmail account by dialling the toll free help line number of Gmail which is always active and working. Once you call the Gmail toll free support care helpline number you can be sure that all your problems will be resolved.

How to Protect Your Computer from Your Parents

To maintain your privacy you may want to protect your computer from your parents, roommates and even friends. Here is how you can protect your computer from unwanted intrusion:

Set a password:

Create a password which cannot be guessed by your friends or people who know you closely. Do not make your username, your password. You can have something which is not known to anybody, any secret obsession, or liking as your password or you can also have the name of any random object such as ‘Tiffin box’ as your password. To set a password, go to users and groups and then select new account as standard. After this you have to enter your name and account name in the designated fields. Now enter the password and after you enter it you have to verify it by the entering it. You can also provide password hint so that you can recover your password in case you forget it.

Create an account for every user:

It is advisable that you create an account for all those people in your family who use your computer. In this manner they will not go to your profile as they will be interested only in their account. However, remember to provide them limited access, unless you want others to access your account.

Create compressed zip folder and protect with password:

Even then there can be chance that they get access to your files and try to dig out information. Go to your desktop and right click on the desktop. From the drop down- select the option compressed zipped folder. Name it and drag and drop all your desktop files into this folder apart from my computer and recycling bin. Then enter the folder and right click to add a password. Remember not to make your username your password, but your password can be easier here, but not easy to guess. If you are an advanced user you can encrypt your folder with OTFE or truecrypt.

In this manner you can go to my documents and create a compressed zipped folder and protect with a password.

If you do not want people to know your Internet history, you have two options. You can either set your history period as 0. Click on tools and then Internet options if you use Internet explorer. In the Internet options you can delete the history every time you use Internet.

To get more information as to how you can protect your computer, and your activities on your computer and Internet you can call the customer support team which provides meaningful solutions to users at all times. Resolve every issue related to your computer and Internet with the help of knowledgeable and helpful customer support team.

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Gmail Support Number-Handy Way to Get In Touch With Tech Support

Google Mail is known for amazing features but still problems occurs and blocks the way to move ahead without taking help from Gmail technical support. Simply by dialing Gmail customer support number, tech services can be availed. Now, you must by worrying from where to fetch Gmail support phone number. There is nothing to feel worry about, while making an online search, you will come across our tech support company and from there you can avail online Gmail technical support details. So, take no worries, simply make an easy search and avail our easy to memorize tech support number.

Mandatory Issues Where Online Gmail Technical Support is the Requirement:

Use Gmail customer support number for ‘N’ number of issues. Some of them are as follows:

  • Unable to login Gmail account due to frequent arrival of error messages
  • Unable to recall Gmail password as you have somehow forgotten it
  • Unable to peep into mailbox, you fail to open Inbox and acknowledge crucial official emails
  • Your password is hacked which has maximized the chances of losing crucial official data from the mailbox
  • You wanted to configure Gmail with Outlook, Thunderbird and many more for ease but unfailingly failed in all attempts
  • You wanted to change or reset the Gmail password but not aware of the right procedure. To attain right steps, you need outside help

Note: The issues above mentioned easily get resolved at online Gmail technical support. In fact, many other problems can also be sorted out in the best possible manner here.

Utilize Gmail Support Phone Number Fully: Gmail customer care has received lots of fame, don’t you want to try once. Whenever, you spot one issue or the other, better calling at the Gmail tech support number which aims at resolving all the complicated scenarios in small amount of time. Besides taking tech help, you can call at tech support for suggestions as well. It is assured that you will be delivered with excellent services throughout.

Advantages of Phone Support:

  • Phone support is fastest source to communicate with tech support professionals
  • You can save time and energy on commuting to find best resolutions
  • You can dial the Toll FREE number for which you need not to pay a single penny
  • Due to global popularity, you can give call from any corner of the world.

Tech support attend your phone calls quickly and ensure for not delaying the solutions

Easily manage to gmail account

Gmail the biggest e-mail service provider in the world provides the best technical support to it subscribers. If you face any type of problem with your Gmail account, go ahead and call the Gmail Technical Support number. Not only, the tech support team of Gmail is skilled and experienced, they keep on developing various ways to handle the different issues that may arise.

Some problems for which you might need the help of Gmail Customer Support are:

  • Issues with opening and composing mail
  • Problems with POP, IMAP
  • Problems in receiving mail and opening attachments
  • Making attachments to mails
  • Problems in blocking spam mails
  • Issues with changing password
  • Problems in creating new password
  • Hacked e-mail account
  • Problems in recovery of your Gmail password

With around 5million active users and still growing, great technical support is key to this web based e-mail service. This is why most corporate use Gmail for sending and receiving mails, which consist their most confidential information.

With subscribers spread all over the world Gmail has its technical support office spread all over the world. Therefore you will find not one, but many numbers dedicated to your area. Find out which one is for your area and call the number any time in 24 hrs and on any day of the year.  You will find your problem readily addressed, though you may have to be on hold for some time as owing to the thousands of people trying to contact the help center for some or the other problem.

Customers can contact Gmail help number can be reached easily with just dialing the number, yet for the ease of the users many chat and discussion forums have been opened. Experts from Gmail as well as users of this web based e-mail service join the discussion forums to share their problems and get solution.

The tech support team also makes use of remote access of computers. This means that you will not need to do anything by yourself and they will do it on your behalf, and for this you will have to allow them the access of your computer.