How To start selling on facebook marketplace when it is blocked?

There are times when Facebook marketplace users face trouble when they would not be able to access their marketplace. However, this is common with everyone these days. Facebook has set up a list of conditions that both sellers and buyers have to follow to use the marketplace. If you disobey any of this, then the system will automatically block you from selling or purchasing products. Additionally, there are many websites available on the internet that are providing tips to start selling on facebook marketplace. But some of them provide too tricky a process that every customer is not able to complete. Hence, we are providing you some tips through which I can sell on facebook marketplace website and application.

If you want to use the marketplace then you can easily access it from the Facebook application. You don’t have to create a separate account for this. Similarly, when you sell on facebook marketplace without friends seeing, Facebook will simultaneously remove them from Facebook too. automatically get removed from your Facebook account.

Will my friends see items I sell on Facebook marketplace?

A Facebook marketplace account can get locked due to multiple reasons. So, we all just need to avoid these things to avoid locking our account. Moreover, we have to restart the marketplace to access our listed products and again start selling on facebook marketplace. So, we are telling some tips for sellers that will help them to avoid blocking their accounts.

  • A marketplace seller must need to send correct and genuine products to its customers.
  • If you are selling branded products then you must have an authorization letter from the brand.
  • Make sure to list only those products that are available with you. Do not make changes in order from your end like sending a wrong product (dimensions, color, fabric material).
  • Do not send defective products.
  • Sellers must need to provide correct information on the website. Also, we just have to select the correct category. If we upload our product in the wrong category then the customer will not be able to see that in the correct one.
  • Uploading wrong images of products on the marketplace is strictly against Facebook guidelines.
  • A high rate of order cancellation from the seller end will also lead to blockage of accounts.

Additionally, if you are a buyer then you are unable to sell on marketplace for the following reasons:

  • If you have received the correct product then do not return it. Also, make sure not to cancel your product after making a payment on the marketplace.
  • Avoid placing too many frequent orders for the same product. As Facebook will consider you as a reseller and block your account.

Is selling on Facebook marketplace ?

Your account will not be blocked if you remember the above points while using your account. You can follow the steps to raise a claim and unlock your marketplace account. This will help you to know the access reason for blocking.

  • After knowing the reason, you can take further action on whether you want to wait until your account gets unlocked automatically. Otherwise, you can also revert back with proof if you want to unlock your marketplace instantly.
  • After sharing the proof with the Facebook team they will thoroughly check it. Most probably, they will unlock your account in 24 hours. Once you see that your account has been unlocked you can create a new list. Now you can recreate lists for your new product and sell them on the marketplace. Moreover, if your previously uploaded product was removed then you have to upload them again. But make sure to provide correct information this time. Otherwise, your account will be blocked again for the same reason.
  • The Facebook marketplace will give you a few changes to maintain your goodwill. If your account was looking for the same reason again and again the marketplace will suspend your account. After this, you would not be able to use the marketplace for a minimum of 2 weeks. Further, this suspension can exceed 1 month depending upon the reason.

Facebook is also providing round the clock support for marketplace users. They can either raise a query from the application or can directly call the marketplace helpline number to get assistance on the activities. Additionally, they will assist you to manage your account, promote your business and marketing, and all other activities. They will also guide you’re the correct process and way to list your product on the marketplace.


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