How to send invitation to chat in Google Hangouts

If you want to send an invitation to someone you want to add to Google Hangouts, you just need to go to the left hand side of your mailbox and on the top of the chatting is you will find a box. Here you will have to type the Gmail address of the person who you want to invite to Google hangout. When you do so unless will appear on the right hand side in which there will be an option – invite to chat. You will have to click on this option and an invite will be sent to your contact in Google hangout. When the person accepts your chat request you will be able to communicate with them through Google hangout. To know more get in touch with Gmail tech support team.

Learn more step by step :- How to inviting some to chat

If you are using gmail account on computer

  1. Login

2.Find search box at the left side top of the chat area

3. Type your friend name

google hangouts type name

4. In case they are already in your contact list then you can direct chat

5. Then Click on Friend name and send to invite and start to chat

invite to hangounts

If your friend invitation is accepted and you can also check your all friend status on left side of their in your chat list this is indicates button they are available on chat, offline, idle etc.

  • Green Button is :- Available
  • Red Button is :- Busy
  • Yellow Button is :- Idle
  • Gray Button is :- Offline

How to Block the person in contact list on Hangouts

  1. open and
  2. Search name of the person
  3. Click on person from hangout contact list
  4. Click settings button top of the right chat conversationBlock contact in hangout




5. Now Click on Block User

6. Click Block

How to Unblock in your hangout contact list

  1. Open and
  2. Click on Settings button
  • In :- At the top of left Click Menu then Settings
  • In Click on your name in hangout list

Unblock contact

3. Now select the block people

4.Click Unblock name of the person

I hope you will get full tutorial like how to invite chat someone, how to block and unblock person

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