How do you unblock someone on Facebook on your iPhone device?

Facebook is very common among youngsters these days. All of them always use this application to connect with their new friends. Facebook has provided multiple features to connect with our world. Apart from this, Facebook is also creating a niche in the market by providing a secure stage to small scale businessmen. You can start your business at a small level yet showcasing your products to the whole world. Facebook also allows you to block or unblock someone on Facebook as per your need. Like if you don’t want to receive messages from any particular person then you can block them on messenger. Also, if you don’t want to show your post to any of your friends then you can block them on Facebook through the messenger.

Blocking is somewhere easy, while to unblock people on Facebook you have to go through a little more. Hence, we have provided complete steps on how to unblock on messenger?

  • Open the messenger or Facebook app on your iPhone device.
  • Click on the profile picture on the top left corner of your messenger homepage.
  • Now scroll down in the profile page and go to the “Preferences” section.
  • Tap on the “privacy” or “settings” option in the menu.
  • On both the pages, you will get an option of blocking. Click on that.
  • A list of all the blocked people will appear on the screen. Also, you will see an unblock option next to their names. Scroll through the entire list to check all the blocked Facebook profiles. You can also search for a profile manually to unblock someone on Facebook.
  • Click on the “unblock” option adjacent to the person name whom you want to unblock.
  • Now confirm the unblocking by clicking on the “Ok” button on the next page.

With this last step, your friends will be unblocked from your block list. Now either of you can send a friend request or can send a personal message to each other. The above method seems to be the easiest one to unblock on a Facebook application.

Additionally, if you want to unblock friends on Facebook websites or MAC devices then you also have to follow the same procedure on the website. However, we have also provided the steps to unblock friends on a website to take reference from.

  • First of all, open the Facebook website on your mac or windows.
  • Then tap on the three dashes available on the bottom right side of the Facebook page.
  • Scroll down in the list and tap in the “Settings & Privacy” option in the Settings.
  • Again, scroll down and click on the Privacy option.
  • Click on the “Blocking” option.
  • Tap on the Unblock option available next to the name of the person whom you want to unblock on Facebook.
  • Tap on the Unblock option again to confirm the unblocking.

Apart from this, it is also important for a Facebook user to know the steps that include unblocking a Facebook locked account. Although these are multiple methods through which you can unlock your Facebook and access all its features. A Facebook account can be locked due to a number of reasons but the common of them all is the forgotten password. Also, this can generally happen to anyone. So, we must know to recover from this situation.

Facebook users can either use their phone number or email address to receive the unique code to reset the Facebook password. If both information is not available with you then you can also reset the password by answering the secret security question. However, by using the phone number you can conveniently do it rather easily through some other method.

You only have to enter the code on the forgotten password page to reset the password easily.

Moreover, if you are facing issues while resetting the password then you can also connect with the Facebook support team. You just have to ask them how to unlock my Facebook account password and they will tell you the list of methods over the call.

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