What is Gmail account, uses of Gmail, like Hangouts, gtalk, Google drive

Gmail needs no introduction at this stage. There is hardly any internet user in the world that is unfamiliar with Gmail. Embellished with highly lavish and user friendly features, it has become one of the most popular and leading webmail service providers worldwide. There are millions of Gmail users across the globe, and the number of the users appears to be escalating with every sliding second. However, not all Gmail users really make use of all the features. Some of the features, though escalate the user experience to greater heights, remain unused. Many of the Gmail users are unaware of the benefits of the Gmail features and thus fail to use them. Here are some most exciting features of Gmail that can immensely enrich the user experience:

  • Webmail Client: Gmail is, of course, a webmail client and it can be accessed from anywhere and everywhere. If you have an access to internet, you can simply launch Gmail and sign in to it.
  • Gmail Hangouts: This is an online chat facility that can be turned on from Gmail window, chrome browser, or desktop app. For new domains, it is enabled by default, and the users can use it for text or video chatting.
  • Google Talk: Referred to as gtalk by many, Google talk is a Gmail feature that provides the facility of voice and text messaging both. At present it is not available for Windows clients, but the users can use the Gmail Hangouts instead.
  • Google Drive: Previously known as Google Docs, the Google Drive is a file storage and synchronization service by Google. Not only does it provide the facility to store the files, but at the same time, the users can share and edit the documents and presentations etc.
  • Filters: By using this feature, the Gmail users can personalize their Gmail accounts. Using this feature, they can filter the email messages to the specified folders can manage their account with great ease and convenience.
  • Importing Email Accounts: Gmail provides the facility to import other accounts and the details therein. Once imported, the Gmail users can send emails through Gmail without separately opening those accounts.
  • Signature: There is no need to add the name, designation, company name, and phone number etc every time you compose and send an email message. The ‘Signature’ feature allows you to permanently place your signature and get rid of the tedious task to typing the same thing over and over again.

Also, there are many more features such as the Labels, Starred Email, Undo Send, Default ‘Reply to All’, Canned Responses, and Keyboard Shortcuts etc that can greatly enhance the luxury of using Gmail. You can learn using these features quite easily and you can access the Gmail customer service care in case of difficulties.

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